About Me


The Man : Dj Anjy, dipped soulfully into multiple genres of music ranging from bollywood, desi dhol mixes, electronic dance music, progressive house, deep vocal house and more.

The Machine : Working on Pioneer DDJ SX2, one of the world's top dj console equipped with 16 pad effects and samplers, we are here to give you a mad musical experience.

The Sound : With over 5000 watts of heart thumping sound at the base [ not for the faint hearted ] and over 2000 watts of pure hi fidelity range, you will enjoy every small detail of beautiful instrumentals and crisp vocal tones.

The crazy spinners : To add tadka to your club or banquet, we are fully equipped with special effects in terms of crazy 360 degree revolving sharpie lights, rgb led par lights, smoke machine and laser.

The innvation : We have teamed up with live dhol players, percussionists and drummers to boost your adrenaline to crazy levels and give you an awesome experience that you will not forget for a long time to come.


Karaoke Nights

Want your guests to provide the entertainment for your event? This may seem like a strange statement, but not when a karaoke is involved! Karaoke is a good time for all from those who are skilled singers. So get ready for a montage of songs from all genres sung by those who want to show off their singing voice or just want to have a good time!

This is a very popular option for all types of events: Corporate events and team building exercises, Client functions, Home Birthday surprise parties, Club events, Collage and University parties,and more!

Rent a DJ operator for any occasion!

Light up the soul of your party with the services of our popular DJ Anjy. He offers his services in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai city. He creates an unforgettable event for your guests.

No party is complete without music and we are here to help you get the best party started in town. Host a party that heightens the senses of your guests by employing the services of our DJ Anjy!

Our world-class equipment is suitable for all types of occasion. So, whether it’s a gathering of 40 or 400, we have the right equipment to make your guests dance to your tunes.

We cover the following occasional events:

  1. Birthday parties: Birthday parties are a fabulous way to get together and celebrate. Our DJ floor and music would be the ideal way to get your guests dancing all night! We have the best inspiring playlist that would add thrill to the night of your birthday.
  2. Festivals: Looking for a DJ for Navratri? Look no further as we bring you the dashing and talented DJ Anjy! We can play all types of music including bhangra on Baisakhi or dandiya music for Navratri.
  3. Wedding or ring ceremony: Your wedding would be more special if everyone remembers the occasion after many years. Our music can contribute to the success of your party. Give your guests a night to remember we guarantee that your guests will dance to our tunes and make your wedding livelier.
  4. Corporate parties: Corporate parties are essential to strengthen your relationship with clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Our trained DJ can add spark to your party by playing music that is suitable for the ambiance. He can play theme music that would elevate the status of your corporate party. Choosing our DJ for the corporate party would be an ideal method to gain the respect of important professionals.
  5. Celebrational parties: We are happy to play for any type of occasion. So next time if you get a promotion or if you are going to be a father, you know who to call to make the party interesting!

Bring vibrancy to your ‘Big Day’ with our wedding DJ

Weddings can be fraught with tension and gloominess. You need to use the services of a DJ to lighten up the mood and bring glamour to the biggest day of your life.

We take requests for special dance by the groom and bride. We always keep an updated list of songs that would complement every moment of your special day.

Tap to irresistible music beats with our party DJ

Dance to the beat of groovy music synced by our DJ Anjy! He can play all types of party music such as:

  1. Bollywood: The heart of all parties and all music. Indians can’t live without a party that has no Bollywood songs. We play sensational Bollywood songs and drum up beats to allure people onto the dance floor. Pick an old song or a trendy one we can create a mix that aged will enjoy and youngsters will dance to.
  2. EDM: Electronic dance party music is unbeatable. The fresh mix and the old tunes of any song can be used for increasing the heat in the room. So, gear up to the tunes of EDM with our DJ Anjy.
  3. Progressive house: A combination of trance and rock music. Progressive house is for the sophisticated dance parties. It is soothing to the ear yet makes your body move to the rhythm automatically.
  4. Hip-hop: As the name suggests, makes you hop to the lyrics-oriented music. This type of music is also known as rap music and it originated in the 1970s. We play popular hip-hop songs at your party and mix it up with our unique beats.
  5. Punjabi: The distinct style of Punjabi singers will make your feet dance on their own. We mix up the best Punjabi tunes of singers like Guru Randhawa, Jazzy B, and Daljit Dosanjh etc.

Book the best event DJ in town!

Want to give your guests a chance to sing the tunes of popular songs or your favorite ones? Invite the services of our karaoke DJ and watch the party come alive!

Experience a world of music you may never have attuned yourself to. We are here to help you get the best experience of your life musically speaking!

Let’s create the world of magic together with our enchanting music.


Soundworks integrated - No 57, Gami Industrial Estate, turbhe mahape Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 400703
Email Id : studio@ideaaworks.com
Phone No. : 9511 732 804 / 9511 732 137